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WigWam Weather Shield – Really Warm Socks

By Editor | February 14, 2011

WigWam Weather Shield winter socks

The Weather Shield socks by WigWam are as the title suggest really warm. The Weather Shield also wicks moisture away from your feet. In terms of durability you can wash the WigWam weather shields over and over again without losing and insulating qualities and without pilling.

These socks are considered to be medium weight so they are great for winter outdoor activities such as snowshoeing, hiking and even skiing and snowboarding.

The fit of the Weather Shield socks is tight, but not too tight as too constrict circulation, this way the WigWam doesn’t lose its shape or slide lower and bunch up in your hikers. Overall the WigWam Weather Shield will feel quite comfortable in your footwear.

A lot of the credit for the WigWam socks needs to go to the materials they used which is a blend of nylon, Outlast acrylic and merino wool. This combination of material allows the Weather Shield socks to absorb heat while you are active and release the heat when you are not active at the same time keeping your feet as dry as possible.

Price: $12
Weight: 3.2 oz

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