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REI Windbrake Fleece Vest – All Around Sturdy Bargain of a Vest

By Editor | December 2, 2014

The Windbrake’s is basic in appearance, but do not let the looks fool you, it is a fleece fabric that just happens to be the most wind-resistant and the toughest among many vests that you can buy nowadays.

The REI Windbrake fleece vest can withstand 40-mph wind without breaking a sweat. The secret is a windproof, proprietary laminate sandwiched between outer and inner fleece layers. The outer fabric is quite durable as well, after many outdoor excursions the REI Windbrake vest did not get roughed up, the vest showed little signs of wear after many months of heavy use.

Even though the REI Windbrake does well as a cool-weather outer layer, the membrane limits breathability, so testers moisture can get trapped when you are working hard, so you may need to open up the zippers.

Price: $70
Weight: 1 lb

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