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JanSport Diablo Day Pack

By Editor | April 8, 2009

JanSport Diablo Day Pack

The JanSport Diablo is perfectly suited to light and fast escapes. The 13 litre interior is just big enough for a snack, an extra layer or two, and a few essentials, with no excess space for things to jostle around. Inside hangs a three-litre cone-shaped Nalgene bladder-larger at the top, smaller at the bottom that keeps the water’s weight well-balanced even as you drink it down.

Keep in mind that the small size of the JanSport Diablo limits the use of this pack to fast adventures, which means most people will need a second day pack for everyday use.

Best suited to fast hikers and trail runners who need something with more capacity and water space than a standard hydration pack.

Capacity: 13 litres Weight: 0.7 kg, 1.51bs Price: $100

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