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GV Carbon Tech Solstice Snow Shoes

By Editor | February 18, 2009

s Carbon Tech Solstice SnowShoesWith outstanding flotation and, stability, the GV Carbon Tech Solstice snow shoes are ideal for big hikers with heavy packs.

First, wood. Then aluminum. Now there’s carbon fiber, which can be woven into virtually any shape prior to hardening. GV Carbon Tech Solstice Snowshoes takes advantage of this malleability with a frame that arches up in the middle, cupping the snow in a way that yields terrific flotation. After wearing them in knee-deep snow testers called them the most stable for flat, powdery hiking. The ratchet binding is effective and easy to adjust, but women found the 29-inch shoes clumsy, especially when carrying an overnight pack. Surprise: Carbon fiber doesn’t make these shoes lighter than competing models-but it does make them more expensive.

Price: $340 USD 29″ Weight: 4 Ibs. 5 oz.

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