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Sleeping Bag Buying and Maintenance Tips

By Editor | February 19, 2009

Buying and maintaining sleeping bag tips

Remember to spend a few extra dollars on a sleeping-bag sheet liner made from either silk or a cotton/synthetic blend. It adds warmth and comfort to your sleep, but more importantly, it also absorbs grime and oil from your body, keeping the bag cleaner in the long run.

The higher the “fill power” of down, the more warmth and greater compressibility per ounce. For sleeping bag shell fabrics, high thread count and low denier (thinner threads) repel water better. A well-stuffed draft collar or zipper tube will add warmth without much weight and a roomy, anatomically cut toe box is key to a good night’s sleep. Curved rather than straight barnes keep down in place better. The last sleeping bag tip is try to find a shingled construction which is best for synthctic-filled bags.

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