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Shek’O Country Park, Hong Kong

By Editor | January 31, 2008

Hong Kong is remarkable because you can step from busy metropolitan areas into peaceful countryside in minutes.

This is particularly true of the Dragon’s Back trail which Time magazine acclaimed as the Best Urban Hike in the November 2004 Asia issue. The trail is “the city’s finest and most challenging yet picturesque trek.”

Shek O Country Park, hong kongThe Dragon’s Back in Shek O Country Park is a ridge with small peaks along the length of the D’Aguilar Peninsula
on the southeast corner of Hong Kong Island. It’s called the “Dragon’s Back” because the trail goes uphill then downhill over and over.

Look forward to a good cardiovascular workout as you enjoy the great scenary of the island.
From the ridge there are spectacular views eastwards to Clear Water Bay Peninsula and islands in the eastern sea approaches to Hong Kong.

To the west there are views of StanleyPeninsula and the South China Sea. At the foot of the Dragon’s Back is the popular village Shek O with its sandy beaches and alfresco restaurants. Another park by the name of Tai Tam Country Park actually connects to Shek O. By connecting the two country parksyou can go from a 3 mile hike into a 6 mile hike .

This hike on the Dragon’s back is considered more advance, because there are a lot of uphill hikes and steep downhilldeclines which really test your leg muscles and stability. For hikes looking for a challenge this 3 mile trail willdefinitely challenge them.

You can reach the start of the hike by Shek O-bound bus – either bus 9 from Shau Kei Wan MTR station or (on Sundays and public holidays) bus 309 from Exchange Square, Central. After the bus leaves Shau Kei Wan, and heads up a wooded hillside, watch for a tiny roundabout at top of the slope and get off at the stop after this.

Outings Walk up the flight of steps by a signpost for SHEK O COUNTRY PARK, then up a road, and turn right onto the Hong Kong Trail. The trail is level, through woodland. Leaving the woods, take the path up to the ridge.

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