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Denali National Park, Alaska

By Editor | January 31, 2008

Denali National Park, alaskaBackpackers who love the mountains will enjoy this 6-million acre area of wild Alaska. The backcountry is divided into 41 units, which has a limit of how many hikers per unit. These units within the Denali Wilderness offers backpackers, hikers an expansive terrain to travel and camp on.

However the terrain lacks developed trails, bridges and campsites which means that backpackers are free to roam and make their own paths. Discovery is what it’s all about.

Denali National Park, alaska, wildlife, moose

Hikers, backpackers alike must be prepared for rough terrain, and harsh weather when travelling in the Denali backcountry. They must be able to rescue themselves in the event of any problems.

Essentials: Bear Cannisters, Seam-Taped Rain Gear and Hiking/Trekking Poles

Beware of: River Crossings, Hypothermia and of course Grizzies

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