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Optimus Vega – Portable but Powerful Little Camping Stove

By Editor | July 4, 2013

Want to boil water fast when you are at rest, after a long hike? The Optimus Vega is a great little stove to help you do that with its 7 inch diameter burner that sits only 2 inches off the ground or any surface you place it on which makes it quite stable.


If compact and lightweight is what you are looking for, take a look at the picture of the Optimus Vega stove when it is all folded up, it will not take a lot of room in your backpack that is for sure.


After connecting your standard fuel canister to the flexible metal hose, the Optimus Vega is versatile and can cook up a meal for several people in a large pot or you can dial down the valve to simmer some sauce or soup.

The Optimus Vega stove comes with a 4-inch aluminum windscreen for those gusty days that challenges your stove flames. The windscreen helps to keep the fire burning strong and depending on the altitude and environmental factors you can expect to boil water between 3min 40 sec to 5 minutes.

Price: $95
Weight: 6.2 oz

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