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Do You Get Outdoors Enough?

By Editor | January 30, 2008

Get outdoors enough?

Everyone has their reasons why they don’t go outdoors enough.
Outdoors to camp, hike, canoe, trail running or just hang out wih nature.The reason can come down to just three factors:

Work Committments-

Get around work committments by scheduling your camping or hiking trip months in advance, just like a big office meeting. Let your manager and co-worker aware of the days you will be taking off.
Make sure you let them know and keep reminding them, so no one will complain about not getting enough notice.
You’ll be amazed that by writing it down on a calendar for everyone to see, you will end up going on this outdoor event.

Don’t want to go outdoors alone –

Many people do not want to go outdoors hiking or camping alone.
Although, sometimes going outdoors alone is good for you as time on your own to reflect on life, and device life strageties, some people just do not like being alone.
They enjoy hiking with someone else or a group for the social interaction and more importantly safety especially if that person is a woman.
To join a group for hiking, camping or outdoor excursion find some outdoor related forums specific to your area, or find trail clubs in your area. Find out what trips appeal to you and join in.

Family Commitments-

Some people have families, and it’s their kids weekend activities like a son’s baseball game that takes precendence.
For some, it might be a spouse who does not enjoy the outdoors (rather prefer a hotel or mall) or their kids are too young.
The advice here would be for once skip a weekend and take your kids out to enjoy nature instead of their sports obligations. Kids need to be outdoors in nature as much as sports.
Why not take the 2 year old (toddler) on a short hike and a weekend camping trip outdoors. When taking kids this young you will need to bring down the distance to accomodate the young child of course.
Another thing to try is bribe your spouse or significant other. Trade weekends for a night to have a nice dinner at a restaurant.

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