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How To Pack A BackPack for Hiking, Backpacking Trip

By Editor | March 11, 2012

How to pack your backpack bag for camping tripHere are a few tips on how to pack or stuff your gear into your large backpack for your next outdoor/
camping adventure.

– To pack your food items, place them all in their own bags. This way it prevents any spills or smells
from gettting your other gear / clothing wet or smelly.

– Seperate your gear by categories…like clothes, sleeping bag, footwear and cooking gear. Next get a few compression dry bags of different colors and place each category of gear into a particular color dry bags. For instance all clothes go into the yellow dry bag etc…you get the picture.
Of course using compression dry bags saves lots of room and keep your gear dry if your are ever caught in a heavy rain / downpour.

– For your tent cover / outer layer you should pack this in it’s own compression dry bag, so that after a rainfall and it is soaking wet you can put it away and in your backpack without worrying about
your other gear or inside of your pack from getting wet.

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