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SOL Origin Survival Kit – Don’t Be Sh*t Out of Luck In The Wild

By Editor | July 11, 2011

SOL Origin survival kit hold in handIf you are out in the forest or jungle and you need an all in one survival kit, look no further than the SOL Origin™ survival kit. It contains most of the tools you will need to survive and it is small enough to fit in your hand.

Everything is packed into or on a tough compact and waterproof case;

-flip-up signal mirror
– fire striker,
– compass (outside of the case)
– folding-blade knife (outside of the case)

The knife incorperates a 100-decibel whistle in case you need to get attention of rescuers and there is also a 10-lumen LED light in the handle, the AUS-8 steel blade sharpens more easily than regular steel blades.

SOL Origin Survival Kit all contents

Fire is essential for survival to keep warm (avoid hyperthermia) and also to cook any food that you may catch, so people in a survival situation will definitely appreciate the fire striker, which can easily be used with just 1 hand and produces some pretty big sparks to get catch tinder and get a fire going.

Getting your bearings correct is key to finding your way around and the SOL Origin survival kit has you covered here with the small liquid compass that can be removed from the case to help you keep in the right direction.

Now looking inside the case you will find the following:

– 6 ft. piece of stainless-steel wire
– 1 sewing needle (size 7)
– 4 pieces of Tinder Quick fire starter
– 3 sq. ft. piece of heavy-duty aluminum foil

The aluminum foil has many uses, you can shape it into a cup or bowl for drinking and boil water. You can wrap it around your torso to reflect heat back to the core of your body to keep warm at night…the uses are limited by your imagination, but it is definitely a useful survival piece.

There’s more inside the list continues:
– 10 ft. of nylon-braided cord
– 3 safety pins
– 4 fish hooks (size 10)
– 1 piece of fishing line
– 2 snap swivels (size 12)
– 2 split shot lead pellets

The whole kit weights only 6.25 oz and wraps around your neck via a yard string.
If you are new to survival skills don’t worry the SOL Origin survival kit includes instructions and shows you 62 survival techniques and strategies to help you survive.

Weight: 6.25 ounces , 177.2 grams
Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.75 x 1.5 inches

Price: $60

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