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REI Venturi 45 – Great Value Lots of Space – Weekender Backpack

By Editor | July 5, 2011

REI Venturi 45 weekend backpack

If you need to pack a lot of gear for the weekend and you are a cost conscious person that needs a good quality weekender pack, look no further than the REI Venturi 45 Liter backpack.

For a little over a hundred bucks, the Venturi 45 is a sturdy pack that can handle pretty heavy loads. It features an aluminum frame that is wrap along the side for good lumbar support, also providing load transfer.

The REI Venturi 45 has been tested to carry up to 50 lbs and with no problems. Some wearers of this weekend backpack, say that even with the heavy weight of the gear, the REI Venturi 45 is still quite comfortable.

Many backpack nowadays have the mesh trampoline back panel, to keep your back away from the backpack (pocket of air), this of course keeps air flowing between your body and the bag to keep you cool. The REI Venturi 45 has this feature which is a bonus for a sub hundred dollar backpack.

Another bonus is the fact that the Venturi 45 has a great waterproof polyurethane nylon shell that repels water well along with waterproof zippers. Also this weekend backpack has the a lot of pockets, so you never run out of pockets to put your small gadgets.

Price: $ 129
Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz
Capacity: 45 Liters

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