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Kelty Backpacker Pad – Foam Sleeping Pad

By Editor | April 24, 2010

Kelty Backpacker foam sleeping pad

The Kelty Backpacker pad is a bargain and it gives more expensive sleeping pads some competition. It is comfortable and lightweight, plus it is a self-inflating pad a bonus. The Kelty Backpacker pad is only 1 inch thick and it is made of open-cell foam and the foam is perforated which helps to save in weight and make the pad less bulky. There are plenty holes under the upper body area and leg areas. A smart design by Kelty for keeping heat around the head and feet areas is by keeping the foam solid, instead of perforated, it also adds comfort on surfaces with loose leaves as a solid piece of foam apply more downward pressure.

The Kelty sleeping Pad exterior is made of ripstop nylon to protects the mat from scratches, however this material does make the Kelty Backpacker sleeping pad a little slippery. Note that this pad is not meant for colder environments due to the perforation, which doesn’t trap heat between the pad and your body as well as competitors.

Price: $69     Weight: 8 oz

Size: 20″ X 72″ X 1″

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