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Black Diamond Skylight Tent

By Editor | March 9, 2010

Black Diamond Skylight Tent

The Black Diamond Skylight tent weighs less than 5 pounds, however it doesn’t skimp on anything. You get plenty of space and great protection against the elements.
It features a single-wall hybrid shell that can withstand heavy rain as well as strong
wind and it keeps itself stable using the crossing poles and internal pitch which you
set the poles on the inside. This internal pitch creates a tight, and wind/water shedding exterior for the Black Diamond Skylight tent. This design forgoes pole clips which saves you some weight.

The Black Diamond Skylight has 37 square feet of space and 42 inch of height, which
makes this tent quite roomy. Lots of room to fit two backpackers and their gear all
inside during rough weather, with the possibility of a third occupant…although it
would be snug.

The vestibule that comes with the Black Diamond Skylight tent is a bonus. It does a
good job keeping water from going in the tent or vent humid air out. Ventilation for
the Black Diamond Skylight tent is great due to the “skylight”, which allowed the fly
to roll away to expose almost 50% of the tent all mesh canopy.

There are a few cons about the Black Diamond Skylight, such as the low hood of the
vestibule which requires crouching to get in and out of tent, as well to get extreme
weather protection you probably should do a thorough job seam sealing the tent.
The pros are that this tent has plenty of room, it is very stable and of course the
weight of the tent is light on your back.

Price: $400 Weight: 4 lbs 3 oz.

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