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Brunton Lamplight 360 – Two-In-One Flashlight

By Editor | March 1, 2010

Brunton Lamplight 360 two in one flashlight lanternThe Brunton Lamplight 360 is a cool flashlight which takes four different sizes of batteries (alkaline) from AAA all the way to D size. This means you don’t have to dig around for a specific type of battery as they will all work with the Lamplight.

Just extend the body of the Brunton Lamplight 360 two-in-one flashlight and it turns into a lantern which radiates its warm LED orange light 360 degrees to light up the picnic table or the interior of your tent.

Brunton Lamplight 360 two in one flashlight lantern cap


* Durable ABS plastic/polycarbonate construction
* New LED lighting technology spreads an even beam of bright lihgt in all directions. No reflectors or magic tricks necessary.
* Can run off D,C,AA (included) or AAA Batteries
* Lantern hanger for when not using the Lamplight as a flashlight, the convenient metal hanger allows you to hang the light upside down in a tent or from a tree branch.
* Get a grip with the soft rubber, two position switch that makes it easy to turn the Lamplight on and off in the dark.

Price: $60 Weight: 7 oz.

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