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Is It Safe To Eat Expired Energy Bars – Power Bars, Clif Bars

By Editor | August 12, 2008

Is it safe to eat expired energy bars - power bars, clif bars

There’s a reason why outdoor enthusiasts take energy bars rather than egg-salad sandwiches on their adventures: it’s that age-old sacrifice of delectability for longevity. But even an energy bar has a shelf life, and that date you see on the label hasn’t just been pulled from a hat.

Brian Baker, national sports manager for PowerBar, explains that his company carefully tests each of its products over time to determine the proper expiry date, “Ingredients in PowerBars do not go bad from a food-safety perspective,” Baker says. “However, the texture changes-products will lose moisture and become harder over time-and there’s a decrease in vitamin and mineral level.”

So, yes, most post-dated energy bars should be safe to eat. But you won’t get the complete nutritional kick of the original bar. And, no, you can’t extend its shelf life by popping a near-due bar into the freezer, like yesterday’s baking or rolls of film. Better to stock up again, And be sure to empty your pack after your next trip.

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