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How To Repair Torn Mosquito Netting

By Editor | August 15, 2008

How to repair torn mosquito netting

One little rip in your tent’s gauzy armor, and the bloodletting begins. Thwart biting bugs of all varieties by promptly fixing holes in your tent screens. Here’s how.

[1] If it’s a clean tear, sew it shut with nylon thread, using an overhand stitch.

Repairing or fixing mosquito netting

[2]Jagged holes need more reinforcement. Take a swatch of mosquito netting or a fabric patch from your repair kit. trim it so it’s half an inch bigger than the hole. and sew it into place.

[3] Hate stitching? Try this no-sew repair : Place a piece of paper over the hole and secure it with masking tape-never duct tape, which leaves a sticky residue. Flip the netting over and brush a thin layer of SeamGrip over the paper-backed tear. Let it cure 48 hours, then peel away the tape and paper to reveal a “patch” of SeamGrip. Dust the area with talcum powder to keep it from sticking to other fabrics when packed and stored.

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