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Mountain Biking Toys and Tools For A Good Ride

By Editor | July 18, 2008

mountain bike tools and gear

Below are some mountain biking items that will sure to make your ride more pleasurable.

Source Spinner Pro2

With mesh shoulder strap and vented back, the Source Spinner Pro2 pack at $80 will keep you hydrated without leaving you in a Pool of sweat. The external Pocket can be removed and is compartmentalized to keep tooIS and snacks organized, Inside the main compartment sits one of the best bladders around: it’s taste-free, double-walled for streng , and H two o~nings-an external screw cap for quick filling and a ide rolltop for easy cleaning.

Louis Garneau Oz-zy Helmet

Keeping your noggin intact is one thing, keeping it cool is quite another. The Louis Garneau Oz-zy Helmet at $150 does both exceedingly well thanks to a highly impact resistant bonded shell that’s honeycombed with 22 air-flow vents. An adjustable internal harness keeps it in place on the roughest terrain.

North Shore freeriders have been riding on flat pedals for years, but more and more recreational riders are discovering the confidence they inspire. Unlike clipless pedals, you don’t need special cleated shoes, but the right footwear definitely helps keep your feet firmly planted.SixSixOne Dually Shoes

With a low-profile tread, the SixSixOne Dually Shoes at $150 are designed for flat pedals. The high ankle is cut asymmetrically with extra padding on the inside to protect your ankle bone.

Crank Brothers Triple Ti Egg Beater Pedals

For purists who prefer to clip in, the Crank Brothers Triple Ti Egg Beater Pedals at $690 are the ultimate in lightweight performance. They cost as much as some bikes (cheaper versions are available), but they shed mud better and are easier to clip into than any other pedals.

Sugoi TecniFino Jersey

Flashy team jerseys have long been favourites of cross-country racers, but why not flaunt your individ- uality with a Sugoi TecniFino Jersey at $85.  The designs are funky, but the stretchywicking fabric and athletic fit equal pure performance.

Norco Six

One of the most versatile bikes for 2004 is the Norco Six at $2,850. The frame is burly enough for serious freeriding, yet has plenty of stand-over height for riders of all sizes. And even with six inches of front and rear suspension, the Six feels at home on long cross-country trails. In other words, one bike that may just do it all.

Filzer 4LW Wireless Cyclocomputer

Keep track of your vital stats with the Filzer 4LW Wireless Cyclocomputer at $25. Wireless technology means it’s a snap to mount, and since the screen shows four parameters at once, you don’t have to take your hands off the bars and scroll through the functions to see all the data you need .

Park Roll-Up Workshop

Fixing and maintaining your bike is actually relatively easy. The problem: you need the right tools. That’s where the Park Roll-Up Workshop at $200 comes in. Packed into the portable nylon pouch are 18 bike-specific tools and space for a few extras of your own .

Guard Lock Jaw 1200

Bike theft seems to be an unavoidable fact oflife in any city. Thwart those evil thieves with the Bike Guard Lock Jaw 1200 at  $30. It’s lighter and more compact than a traditional U-lock, yet offers the same amount of lockable space. The wide clamp opening design is easy to use, but hard to break into.

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