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How To Ward Off Big Cats / Cougars

By Editor | May 24, 2008

Big wild cats - cougar

What would you do if you had a run-in with a large cat while camping or hiking a trail. The recommended action by large feline experts is to try to scare the cat. This means that you make a lot of noise, and movement. Show your teeth and snarl and hope that the cougar will feel threatened and decide to flee or leave the scene.

Don’t try and hide, like behind a rock or tree. This doesn’t work. Large cats have great sense of smell, and will definitely find you. Also, do not run as this will automatically make you look like prey and the cougar will give chase.

In conclusion your best bet is to grab a stick, try and scare the cats by yelling at the top of your lungs, waving the stick to ward them off. If the large cats get too close and you have bear spray then use it.

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