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Power Canoe Paddling Technique

By Editor | May 24, 2008

Paddling a canoe looks quite easy, however it does require a lot strength and energy. To become efficient at it, these two exercises can help you build strength and cut through the water. It is recommended that you do these canoe exercises at least two times a week for 6 weeks prior to a canoe trip. If you do this, you will gain endurance and power to paddle for many hours. The two canoe exercise routine should be performed at your gym on the pulley machine, and you should do 2 sets of more than 15 reps each set.

Power Canoe Paddling techniqueSimulating Paddling

When paddling the primary muscles that you use are the lats and shoulders. This exercise will target both the lats and shoulders by simulating the canoe paddling stroke. You will first need a 5 foot strong metal pole with a hook at the bottom of the pole. This is so you can attach it to the lower pulley cable of the cable pulley machine at your gym.

If you are a canoer, you should sit on a stool. If you are a whitewater paddler then you can kneel for this exercise. The first step is to grip the top and lower end of the rod as you usually do a paddle. Stiffen your stomach muscles and pull back the pole (simulated paddle) pas your hip joint area with a slight turning of your torso. You must keep your arm straight as you pull back the pole, this will use more of your lat muscles instead of over exurting your bicep and shoulders.

Canoe Pulldown

By changing the traditional lat pulldown exercise you can improve your canoe paddling strength. The change is in the body position, you will need to get into an appropriate boat position. This will help you to stabilize the rest of your body, while paddling. To get started, grab the bar on the high pulley and kneel or sit , depending on what type of paddler you are (refer to last exercise).

Unfortunately, you will not be able to do this if you use the lat pulley machine with the pads that hold your knee. Start with a lighter weight until you feel comfortable doing this exercise in the particular boat position. Pull the bar down to your chest, positioning the elbow behind your hip area. This exercise will also help build up your biceps.

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