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Climbing Technique called the “Rest Step”

By Editor | February 11, 2008

the rest step mountain climbing hiking techniqueEver tried walking in snow. It’s pretty difficult isn’t it. Now try adding altitude and a steep incline to the mix, it becomes downright challenging. There’s is good news though, a time tested technique to confronting the challenge of steep incline and altitudes of those big mountains you plan to tackle.
The secret is called the “Rest Step.” The “Rest Step” will assist you in maintaining a steady slow pace while saving your energy for those huge mountains.

Breathing during the Rest Step process
You will need to synchronize your breathing with each motion.
Inhale deeply as you step up, and exhale fully as if you are blowing out a candle into the rest step.
Make sure you completely empty out your lungs in one big exhale.
As you feel yourself being tired or breathless at higher altitudes, you will need to take an extra breath or two between steps.
The “Rest Step” process may seem very tedious and the pace slow, however this slow pace and breathing technique wards off tiredness and helps you save energy, minimizing the likelyhood of getting nausea, headaches, and other high altitude related effects.

Step 1
Step forward and up with a swift quick motion, then lock your rear leg knee (down hill leg).
Now shift your weight back onto the downhill leg, to put the weight on your bones so to
allow your muscles to relax.

Transfer your weight to your uphill leg or forward leg and let the momentum of your stepping leg swing
your boot into the snow. To conserve, energy do not forcefully kick the stepping leg.

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