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Alite Mayfly Chair – Lightweight Aluminum Camping Chair

By Editor | July 15, 2013

Alite-Mayfly-lightweight-camping-chair_GetOutdoorGear.com_To have somewhere to sit comfortably at the campground when you go camping is a necessity. However, most of the time the foldable chairs that most campers bring are those bought at Costco or Walmart and those foldable steel and canvas clothe chairs that weighs usually in the vicinity of 5lbs or more.

Those type of portable camp chairs though are not ideal for long hike excursions and camping. For those longer trips where every ounce of weight matters you will have to the Alite Mayfly Chair which is only 1 lb 10 oz in weight.

The Alite Mayfly chair is lightweight thanks to the thick aluminum poles and it is contoured and comfortable. The material is made from 200-denier ripstop nylon with some mesh panels on the right and left hip area.

Another great feature is that you can configure it to rock like a rockin’ chair, in case you need a moment to reflect on your life. The only drawback is that for the savings in weight, you will have to fork out a lot of money.

Price: $100
Weight: 1lb 10 oz

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