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Tai Tam Country Park, Hong Kong

By Editor | January 31, 2008

Tai Tam Country Park, Hong KongTai Tam park Country Park contains three of Hong Kong Island’s largest reservoirs and is home to a number of species of terrapins (birds).

It is situated at the south-east corner of the urban area on Hong Kong Island. It stretches from Kornhill, Quarry Bay in the north to Stanley Mound in the south, and from Wong Nai Chung Gap to Tai Tam Road.

The park which covers more than 1500 hectares, represents about one-fifth of the area of Hong Kong Island and derives its name from the four reservoirs of the Tai Tam Group. They formed the main storage reservoirs
for the Island’s water supply in the early days of Hong Kong. The group comprises the Tai Tam Upper and Byewash Reservoirs, Tai Tam Intermediate and Tai Tam Tuk Reservoirs, which were built in 1889, 1904, 1907 and 1917

Tai Tam Country Park, Hong Kong wilderness

From the quiteness of the park today, it is hard to imagine the noise and smoke of battle when, during World War II, the area was the scene of heavy fighting between the British and Japanese forces.
Pill boxes, magazines and large concrete cooking stoves can still be found in the area, left over of the war period.

The park area consists of mainly granites in the north and volcanic rocks in the south, however there is an ample of vegetation on either side of the Tai Tam Reservoir Road and to the south of Mt. Parker.
It provides natural habitat for native wild animals. Squirrels can often be seen running from tree to tree. The birds of the area include the Hwa Mei, Magpie-robin, Chinese Francolin, Japanese Quail, Common Kingfisher, Magpie, Crested Mynah and Crow.

Tai Tam Country Park, Hong Kong Trail

Tai Tam Country Park, Hong Kong

The Tai Tam Trail are mostly paved roads and would be considered moderate in terms of difficulty, however there are some parts of dirt paths which requires a bit more care when hiking downhill though.
For the most part the three mile hike is relaxing and offered quite an amazing view of the Hong Kong country side and wilderness.

Tai Tam Country Park and the Quarry Bay extension is connected by the Tai Tam Reservoir Road and the Mount Parker Road. The roads are narrow and restricted to unauthorised vehicles.

To get there take Bus no. 6, 61, 66 to Repulse Bay and located Tai Tam Road of Tai Tam Country Park.

To get to the Tai Tam Wan area of Tai Tam Country Park by Bus no. 14 from Stanley to Shaukeiwan

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