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Seperating Boot Soles Repair

By Editor | January 30, 2008

hiking boot repairIn the past boot soles were stitched to the leather uppers of a hiking boot,usually with a heavy strong ropelike thread. Today however, the majority of hiking boots on the market are glued, and this causes glue fatigue. Basically the glue loses its grip due to being stretch, pulled, twisted and exposed to the weather.

If you have a pair of hiking boots that has developed a mouth for flapping while you are out hiking, the first thing that comes to mind is duct tape it nice and tight and hope it last until it you get home. Needless to say, that the above solution is only temporary. For a most lasting and permanent solution follow the next few steps:

1. Fill a bucket with soap and water and give the hiking boots a good clean, then let it dry. Use rubbing alcohol and wipe the parts of the sole and bottom of the boot surface that will touch each other when glued.

2. Scrunch up some newspaper and stuff the boot with lots of it. So the hiking boot maintains its shape.

3. For the boot repair go and buy a contact cement specifically used for shoe/boot repairs like “Shoe Goo”.
Spread the bottom of the boot and the top of the sole with the contact cement and let it dry just until it gets sticky and tacky.

4. Now compress the sole and boot with a steady pressure making sure everything is aligned.

5. Use a C-clamp or duct tape to make sure everything stays in place and let it cure overnight.

6. After the contact cement has cured and the sole and boot is securely together, use a first aid type syringe and inject seam sealer into the groove (where sole meets boot) to prevent dirt and water from getting in.
Let the seam sealer dry.

That’s all it takes, and you can now wear your boots out hiking again. Almost like new.

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