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The North Face ETIP Gloves – Smartphone Winter Gloves Review

By Editor | November 25, 2011

The North Face ETIP gloves for smartphonesIf you are outside in the winter and you are wearing thick gloves, have you ever tried using your touch screen GPS, touch screen smartphone or a touch screen media player? The answer is probably “YEST” and most like you would have had to take your gloves off. Now, this problem is solved, North Face has designed a glove called the “ETIP” that feature the North Face “X-Static” fabric on the tips of the index fingers and thumbs and it basically allows the wearer to work with any touch-screen device. The best part is you don’t have to take the gloves off, thereby your hands stay warm.

The North Face ETIP gloves for smartphones

How does the X-Static fabric work? Well it has a layer of all natural pure silver permanently bonded to the fiber face. There is a high-tech circuit pattern on the palms of the North Face ETIP glove and it is made of non-slip silicone, to give extra grip while holding your touch screen devices.

The North Face ETIP glove is also waterproof thanks to its shell material. The shell can repel rain or snow but the membrane is breathable enough to let moisture out, keeping your hands warm and dry. The North Face ETIP gloves are idea for three-season wear, and if you are a gadget freak you will probably need a pair.


Price: $40

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