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Garmin Edge 705 Handheld GPS Review

By Editor | November 4, 2011

Garmin Edge 705 handheld cycling gpsThough recommended for cycling the Garmin Edge 705 handheld GPS, can be used for other activities such as hiking or running and will certainly assist in keeping you on track.

The Garmin Edge 705 combines GPS maps, routing and navigation, heart rate, speed into a handheld wireless device. It is capable of displaying up to 16 separate metrics during the riding, jogging etc. Also it comes with the included software and web-based apps which is an amazing tool for social networking, exploration and in-depth training analysis.

Setup is quite straight forward out of the box. For cycling you need to calculate your wheel dimensions, inputting all required info will take you less than an hour, and then you are off cycling or running.

Garmin Edge 705 handheld cycling gpsConnect to your Mac or Windows PC back and the Garmin Edge 705 a the data for a wide variety of analysis. The included software (called Garmin Training Center) is very easy to use and helps you track courses, training regimes, and the mass of recorded data. And if you want to know what others around the globe are up to, Garmin’s recent acquisition, Motion Based, is definitely for you.

Motion Based is a two-tiered site that combines the number crunching capabilities of
Garmin Training Center with a global community of GPS enthusiast that want to share their adventurous details.

The Garmin Edge 705 is a great tool for cycling enthusiasts, who want to track their training progress, however runners might benefit from this handheld GPS as well. It tells you where you are, points the way to a destination, gets you home and provides every bit of data you need to become a fitter cyclist or runner.

In summary the detailed maps and directions are spot-on. GPS reception is great even in dense wooded areas. Software and web app are top notch for people who love data and performance analysis.

Price: $650

Physical & Performance:

Maps & Memory:

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