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Gerber Fit Multi-Tool – Let There Be Light

By Editor | May 14, 2011

Gerber Fit multi tool multitool LED light

The Gerber Fit multi-tool is a simple and compact pocket tool, however don’t let the size fool you. The Fit packs quite a bit in the small package and can be all you need while traveling.

It features a really bright LED light, a long screw driver for reaching tight spaces and other tools like a tweezer, a scissor, bottle opener and a serrated knife blade for cutting.

My favorite feature of the Gerber Fit multi-tool (multitool) has to be the bright 25 Lumen LED light, generally multi-tools don’t come with a compact light so this is a big benefit for the Gerber Fit.


Price: $41  Weight: 5.1 oz.

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