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Garmont Zenith Hike GTX – Mid Cut Hiking Boots

By Editor | April 23, 2011

Garmont Zenith hike GTX mid cut hiking boots

The Garmont Zenith Hike GTX mid cut hiking boots is a good mixture between value and performance. At $150 it won’t burn a deep hole in your pocket and it is not cheap quality as well. The Zenith Hike GTX offers good value and makes a great all-around middleweight hiker.

For $150 you get a fabric and leather upper mid cut hiking boots with Gore-Tex inner linner. You read correctly Gore-Tex liner at this price point equals good value. Many wearers of the Garmont Zenith Hike GTX says that it offers great support, similar to the type of support for your ankles available from a high-cut hiking boot.

The Zenith Hike GTX are quite waterproof, but only up to 3/4 to the top of the boot. If you trek into deeper water, water will start to seep in near the top. Luckily, if you do soak your Garmont Zenith boots the material will dry quiet quickly.

The fit is snug all around and the boots are comfortable according to most wearers. If offers good support and stability.

The soles are made of sparsely spaced grips made by Vibram and offers the Garmont Zenith Hike GTX with amazing traction on all types of surfaces from gravel, slippery rocks and trails.

Price: $150
Weight: 3 lbs 6 oz

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