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I/O Bio Pilot Suit – Base Layer Underwear

By Editor | January 23, 2011

IO Bio Pilot suit - base layer underwear 1 piece

The I/O Pilot suit by Bio is like a big jumpsuit. It is a single layer long underwear the covers you from head (hood) to ankle.

There is a big advantage to this seamless coverage when your are out there in the winter environment enjoying yourself which is that there is no way wind can get in between your shirt and pants area. This normal happens when you stretch and your tucked in shirt gets pulled out of your pants leaving your back or belly exposed to the cold wind and snow…well this doesn’t happen when you wear the BIO Pilot suit.

The BIO Pilot suit made of merino-wool weave which makes a great base layer and it keeps your skin from losing heat. The upper half of the BIO Pilot suit features a zipper so it is quite easy to put on.

Price: $200

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