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Liquid Logic Remix XP – Whitewater Kayak

By Editor | April 12, 2010

Liquid Logic Remix XP white water kayakThe Remix XP is a new flatwater and whitewater hybrid, that is aimed at beginners that paddles a wide variety of waters from lakes to Class II white waters. The Remix series of kayak from Liquid Logic have been know to be easy to paddle river boats which again makes this a great choice for beginners.

This hybrid Remix XP by Liquid Logic is exceptionally suited for flat water, where it glides fast and straight, this is attributed to the retractable four-inch skeg. The largest XP model is a longer than the original by about a foot and one inch wider, it allows the cockpit to be a bit roomier and the entire kayak to be more stable.

Size: 9 feet and 10 feet
Capacity / Volume: 75 gallons and 105 gallons

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