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United States Longest Trail Tunnel, The Iron Horse Trail, Washington (WA)

By Editor | March 29, 2009

Iron Horse Trail, Washington, WA 

Doing The Hike:
The 110-mile Iron Horse starts about 30 miles east of Seattle and climbs over the Cascades, crossing dizzying trestles atop rainy passes before terminating at the Columbia River. To see the coolest, eeriest stretch, pack your jacket and headlamp and head to the Hyak trailhead off I-90 on Snoqualmie Pass.

Iron Horse Trail, JWT bridge

Hike east to the Snoqualmie Tunnel-a dark-as-night 2.3-mile passage bored through the Cascades in 1915. After emerging into daylight, continue west, winding through dewy hemlock forest and patches of Indian paintbrush; turn around at an old trestle at mile 7 that once ferried trains from the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. Or push on to Deception Crags, a popular climbing area, and arrange a shuttle at I-90 exit 38.

Where To Get Food:
There is a pie restaurant called Snoqualmie Pass Pizza Pie (425-434-0050), where they make pizza pies for hungry adventurers.

How To Get There:
From Seattle, head east on I-90 to Snoqualmie Pass, park at the Hyak trailhead.

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