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Preventing Annoying Nature Calls In The Middle Of The Night While Camping

By Editor | March 21, 2009

High carb snack to prevent urge to pee when coldNothing is more annoying or colder than digging out of your warm cocoon to answer nature’s call. To prevent unwanted midnight forays, simply stick a high-carbohydrate, high fat bite size snack like a Snickers bar between your chattering teeth.

Turns out that the urge to urinate isn’t entirely about drinking too much tea before bed, but may result from your body getting cold. When your core temperature drops, your body looks to expel anything it doesn’t need, such as urine-hence the midnight urge to purge. Eating a high-fat snack such as nuts or a chocolate bar will provide energy your body can burn all night, helping you sleep ’til dawn.

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