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Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight First-Aid Kit

By Editor | September 17, 2008

Adventure Medical Ultralight First Aid Kit

Be prepared for mishaps with the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight First-aid Kit It’s available in three sizes, all tiny enough to tuck into the lid of your pack. Inside the ripstop nylon pouch is a waterproof bag that contains everything you need to treat cuts, burns, insect bites and bruises .

This is a must have, and it came in handy when my wife accidently hit her head on a thick tree branch.  After watching the sunset on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, my wife was momentarily blinded and turn around to walk, and did not see the tree branch. She hit her upper forehead against the branch, and sustained a small but deep cut. We were very fortunate to have brought the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight First-aid Kit with us.  We quickly walked to our car, and I treated her cut by cleaning it up with an alcohol wetnap, then used the a gel disinfectant and finally placed a gauze band aid over it. Everything we needed was in the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight First-aid Kit thankfully.

Price: Small $20 USD, Medium $30USD and Large $45 USD.

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