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Keeping Cool At Night Outdoors – Camping

By Editor | August 21, 2008

Keeping Cool at night outdoors - camping

Facing a sultry night outdoors?

Here’s how and where to pitch your tent to keep cool.  Camp low Hilltop views are tempting, but valleys often hold lower nighttime temps.

Head for open ground:   Shrubbery or tall grass crowding the lower edge of the fly inhibits airflow through the tent. Find a clearing.

Pitch at night:  A mere hour of evening sun can make a double-walled tent feel downright equatorial, so delay setup till after dark.

Give me less shelter:  When rain isn’t likely, skip the rainfly. No bugs? Skip the whole tent.

Stake it taut:  If rain seems inevitable, use guylines to keep the fly from sagging onto the tent. An air cushion keeps cooling breezes moving through the tent’s interior.

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