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Organic Trail Snacks / Food That You Will Actually Want To Eat

By Editor | June 17, 2008

All natural Organic trail Snacks food

Not so long ago, there were two kinds of energy bars: lab-spawned creations that looked like extruded astronaut food, health-freak mixtures of what tasted like sticks and sawdust. Times have changed, and among the many appetizing bars available now is a new breed of organic choices that pack a balanced nutritional punch and actually taste good. Here are our testers’ three favorites.

Nature’s Path Optimum Energy Bar (Peanut Butter) – 1.9 OZ.; 230 calories; 7 g protein

If you’ve tried all the PB-flavored granola/ energy bars and never found the right balance of sweet to salty and moist to crumbly, there’s now reason to rejoice. One tester raved, “This filling snack has a real peanutty taste, and it didn’t turn to crumbs in my pack. Even on day 3, I could still spread jelly on it and eat it like an open-face sandwich.” Three other bars round out the line: blueberry flax soy, cranberry ginger soy, and the high-protein ReBound bar.

Price: $1.69 USD

Mountain Organic Foods Bear Fruit Bar – 1.3 OZ.; 130 calories

Finally, someone took the leather out of fruit leather. Mountain Organic Foods Bear Fruit Bar is a light and chewy bar is easy on the molars, and it’s proof that you don’t need artificial extracts to get tart, fruity flavorand a 2-year shelf life. It comes in 4 flavors (apple. apple/cherry, apple/blueberry, and apple/raspberry) which, according to one tester, “all taste very similar-and equally good.”

Price: $27 USD per box of 20

Country Choice Maple Oatmeal Square – 1.9 oz.; 210 calories; 4g protein

Billed as an “out-the-door” breakfast, this substantial hunk of oats, dates, and raisins is baked, not cold-pressed, so it’s cakier than an energy bar. But Country Choice Maple Oatmeal Square is also dense, oaty, and slightly sweet, with a delicate maple flavor. It’s big enough to qualify as a meal substitute for smaller hikers, so resist the urge to pop these squares as snacks, unless you’re a big guy or facing a lot of vertical. Also comes in apple cinnamon and oatmeal raisin.

Price $4.29 USD (box of 6)

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