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Atlas 12 Series Snow Shoes

By Editor | January 5, 2009

Atlas 12 series snow shoes

When the snow is deep and the miles long, the efficient Atlas 12 series snow shoes conserve precious energy.

These foot-hugging models impressed our testers in the bottomless . One guy raved about the rebound: “When I pick up my foot, the shoe quickly snaps up so I can instantly get solid footing on the next stride.” This snapping action-which comes from the twisted rubber-band-type strap that attaches binding to decking-means smoother striding, less tail drag, and less energy wasted. Testers also praised the Atlas 12 series snow shoes one-pull binding system, which proved easy to adjust even with bulky gloves. The rubbery decking material is bomber.

Our scrambles over the thinly covered volcanic rock of Mt. St. Helens caused scratches aplenty from the razorlike lava, but no mortal wounds. One mild complaint: On the 30-inch models, the large expanse of decking in the tail area is a bit slick and caused some slippage on the steeps.

Price: $270 USD Sizes: 22″, 25″, 30″ Weight: 4 Ibs. 8 oz. (25″)

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