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Sierra Designs DriDown™ Gnar Lite – Stay Warm and Dry Up Quicker

By Editor | September 25, 2013


The Gnar Lite DriDown jacket can be worn by itself on cool windy days or even under a shell on frigid days. As the DriDown name suggest Gnar Lite jacket is filled with 800 fill DriDown™ hydrophobic insulation for superior warmth, especially on those bone chilling, wet damp days.

Extremely light and compressible for a down jacket, the Gnar Lite can fit in all your travel backpacks or luggages.

So what is the difference between DriDowns and regular down?

Well, DriDown is sprayed with a microscopic polymer to create a hydrophobic finish on each individual down plume. This coating gives DriDown™ the ability to stay dry longer, loft better, and dry faster than regular down.

The result is better retention of heat which benefits the wearer in any environment.



800 Fill DriDown™

Shell Fabric:
100% Polyester Ripstop

Total Weight: 11.2 oz. / 317 g
Price: $229

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