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Oil Creek State Park – Western Pennsylvania

By Editor | May 3, 2009

Oil Creek State Park in Western Pennsylvania -  wooden oil tower

On this hike you can discover the history of the oil industry of western Pennsylvania.

In the oil boom of the 1860s, Oil Creek Canyon sprouted with wells and refineries, choking the corridor with smoke and cleared the forested slopes.  It was vastly different from today’s state park, where nature reigns again.

Tour these historic backwoods on the rolling, 36-mile Girard Loop, which runs between the east and west slopes of Oil Creek Canyon through tranquil broadleaf-hemlock forests, steep hollows, sparkling runs, rock features, and waterfalls. The trail also has shelters, basic amenities, and a museum at Drake Well, site of the world’s first commercial oil well.

Another option is the 26-mile loop between Petroleum Centre and Drake Well to the park’s north, but with five bridges and a creekside bike trail, you can customize your trip. Camping is limited to designated sites, one on each side of the canyon; reservation and fee required

How to Get To Oil Creek State Park
From Titusville, take PA 8 S; follow signs to museum and trailhead.

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